Marketing especializado para empresas de logística y transporte, base de datos logística y transporte, diseño y hosting web, newsletters y notas de prensa.
marketing, logística, transporte, emailing, diseño web, newsletters, notas de prensa, base de datos, directorios logística, directorios transporte
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Transpress Newsletter is a News Bulletin which only takes important new developments and novelties related to: Logistics Operators, fleet managements,  profesional training, new technologies and Internet.
In the bulletin, not more  than 10 texts selected and are included monthly for free and sent to over 4.000 logistics operators in Spain and Portugal.
Transpress Newsletter offers a special location on its Masthead, including two banners of companies not competing between themselves for 3 months and subject to a renewal.
The applicable price: 250 €/three-monthly.


    • The corresponding VAT (21%) shall be added to the prices given.
    • The resulting invoice shall always be sent by email to the client.
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