Marketing especializado para empresas de logística y transporte, base de datos logística y transporte, diseño y hosting web, newsletters y notas de prensa.
marketing, logística, transporte, emailing, diseño web, newsletters, notas de prensa, base de datos, directorios logística, directorios transporte
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A press release is the promotional and more economical tool, plus effective and of the amplest diffusion. For ages, it has been the publicity resource more skilfully used of all public relations departments in great companies plus Official Bodies and Private Organizations.

Your press releases will be distributed in 48 hours to more than 1.600  mas media and jounalists registered in our global network system.

The distribution cost would be: 150 € per press release.

If you do not have the time or the necessary experience in the writing of good press releases you may send us a extract or summary about what you would wish to communicate and we will apply a profesional style and essential for you to reach your objective.

The composition price will be: 20 €


  • The corresponding VAT (21%) shall be added to the prices given.
  • The resulting invoice shall always be sent by email to the client.
We work to find out what your needs are